Derby Forester House Jobcentre Plus

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Derby Forester House Jobcentre Plus
Door C, Forester House, Newland Street
DE1 1NW Derby
Derbyshire England


In today's job market, it is likely that you will experience different roles and working environments. To reach your full potential it pays to be flexible and adaptable, especially if you're looking at a change in career. A good way to start is by recognising your transferable skills.

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Simon Bradbury

, more than 6 months ago

My brother went to a appointment a little early as he is very ill and could die he explained this he even asked if they could ring him a ambulance as he felt he was going to pass out his key tones are 8 which is deadly he was told by a security guard to go sit outside until his appointment time and he was told if he gos hospital he won't get another appointment so he's sat outside job centre waiting hopeful that he won't pass out or even die we have spoke to a woman on fone she has gave us 4 different numbers to ring 2 are not even working and the other 2 won't answer we've been on the fone now for 45 mins and this is apparently a emergency number I've already spoke to a solicitor about this and they was disgusted at this and I'm going to launch a investigation with the council my brother has recorded the incident so there is evidence and if anything happens to my brother I'll also seek legal advice as he has asked for a ambulance and hasn't had one rang so if anything happens to him we will take this as far as we can no matter the cost as his human rights have been breached I have given 1 star review but it's the lowest I could I'd like to rate -100 stars absolute joke of a place

, more than 6 months ago

only just started here after deciding to leave my university course. And I do not like the way I was treated. Staff talk to you like you have no value like you should accept any job not taking into account your personal strengths and previous work experience. I have been to university twice, I have numerous other qualifications. I have had about 14/15 jobs in my life so far. I spend hours researching about how to make your CV stand out. The person I saw didn't care and just treated me like a number. she seemed irritated by the fact I had ambitions and wanted to actually make something of myself and build a career. She said my main concern is to get you into work. That's fair enough but she should have been impressed that someone actually wants to have a career and not stay on benefits. I think she had the thinking of '' who are you to have ambition when youre on benefits'' I am not scum or less than just because I am out of work right now. She criticized my CV and said it ''could be better'' it seemed she was determined to try and bring me down. I have had 3 calls for job interviews so obviously it isn't that bad. They really need to work on how they speak to people. unemployed people are already unconfident so any bit of confidence they have built up should not be destroyed. I am not just going to take anything so she can tick me off a list. it is better to be in a job that you're good at because the likelihood will be that you will stay in it for a long time rather than get sacked because you haven't reached sales targets. She obviously settled for her life and has no ambitions herself I refuse to bury mine. Overall a negative experience. They do not care about your wellbeing at all. They quite obviously hold contempt for people on benefits because they have to do a job they hate everyone else has to aswell. I understand taking a job to get off benefits but if I've got a good opportunity coming my way I'm going to go for that over some rubbish job that I will probably be very unhappy in. They have no sympathy towards people. They don't understand that people get bullied at work or get sacked for not reaching targets. They think everyone should suck it up but I think really they should be steered towards jobs that are suited to them so they never have to go back on benefits again.

, more than 6 months ago

Never answer the phones. Poor staff attitudes. And even the call centre service number is not helpful! Enough said

, more than 6 months ago

I did not find forester house a pleasant place to visit at all. With rude Un-sympathetic staff that don't listen to your personal case or even help you to understand things or even give helpful advice. They know nothing about people who suffer with anxiety and depression and treat you like your stupid and make you feel worse. Top advice is to use another job centre.

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